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8 Tips to Make Your Infographics Go Viral

8 Tips to Make Your Infographics Go Viral

Infographics are great for conveying information. Best of all, they can help boost your website traffic tremendously — if done right. Don’t go unnoticed, learn how to make your infographic go viral with these tips.

Information OverloadThere’s so much information out there, it can sometimes be hard to consume it all. Infographics play a huge role in making it easy and interesting to comprehend vast amounts of data.

Often times, designers will spend hours to months creating an awesome looking infographic, but no time promoting it. This is a huge missed opportunity. If no one knows it exists, what’s the point?

Only a few with a following like Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber have the ability to make something go viral without any effort. Posting a tweet, sending out an email, or creating a blog post just isn’t going to do it for the rest of us.

So how do you get your infographic to go viral? Here’s 8 proven tips to help make your infographic go viral and drive a ton of traffic to your site.

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Motif Investing

Motif Investing: Invest In Ideas

If you’re new to investing money in stocks, it can become a little overwhelming trying to figure out what to invest in. That’s where Motif Investing comes in—an innovative idea for an old concept.

I’ve been investing since I was 16 after reading, How to Invest $50-$5,000. From high-interest checking and saving accounts to the stock market, that book opened my eyes. My money, making me money and not having to work for it — it’s an exciting idea.

Recently, I came across Motif Investing. Unlike brokerages, Motif allows you to put your money into ideas, or themes. Ideas are great, but trying to figure out which stocks to buy to support those ideas can be difficult. Motif helps solve that problem using an old concept called “thematic investing” with a new twist.

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Title Tag Length

Title Tag Length: Think Pixels, Not Character Count

What’s the recommended title tag length? This is a common question I get doing SEO consulting. Don’t think character count, think pixels. Google’s new site design makes a major impact in search results.

In the past, the recommended character count for title tags was no more than 70 characters. With Google’s site re-design that’s all changed. To build the perfect title tag, start thinking in pixels vs. character counts. The new magic number is 512… pixels.

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PHP MySQL Connection

PHP MySQL Connect, The Right Way!

Connecting to MySQL with PHP is a common among developers. Without a proper connection, your site performance and security could suffer. Learn how to setup & run queries with a PHP MySQL connection, the right way!

PHP MySQL ConnectCode is a living text. All developers should be aware and embrace this fact. No matter the type of development you do, a year from now, there will probably be a better way to accomplish what you did today. Code is constantly evolving as technology improves—a perfect example being how to connect to MySQL with PHP.

I’ll walk you through how to properly connect to your MySQL databases with PHP for better site performance and security. Learn how to connect to MySQL with PHP the right way!

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Must-Have WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using

Must-Have WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using

Run a WordPress site? Finding which WordPress plugins to install can be time-consuming. I’ve put together a list that every WordPress site should have installed from blocking spam to SEO & everything in between.

The ease at which WordPress makes it to quickly launch a fully featured site in just a matter of minutes makes it a great solution for just about everyone. It’s also a cinch to install plugins to add that extra functionality with just a few clicks. This can be dangerous for a lot of site owners since most know very little about code, performance, and get a little click-happy with the install button. So, before you starting installing do a little research and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this plugin going to work with my theme?
  • Which is the best plugin to use?
  • Is this plugin secure?
  • Do I really need it?

This process of finding, researching, installing, then setting up can be time-consuming and tedious. Though it’s a cinch to launch a WordPress site, knowing which plugins you should install can get overwhelming. To help speed up this process and get you on the way to having a great fully featured site, I’ve put together a list of plugins that every WordPress site should have.

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