AVIF is here & ready to use.

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AVIF image formats can give me a big boost in site performance, typically reducing image file sizes in half — and they can be used now.


Start using next-gen .avif images today progressively with the picture element. The format is ~50% smaller in size compared to JPEG, and ~20% smaller than WebP.

  <source type="image/avif" srcset="image.avif" />
  <img src="image.jpg" alt="Image" />

Learn more about AVIF image formats and how much they can reduce normal image sizes on Jake Archibald’s AVIF has landed post.

How to Create AVIF Files

Squoosh is an image compression web app that allows you to dive into the advanced options provided by various image compressors.

The Google Chrome Labs team recently added AVIF support to the amazing Squoosh web app. In my opinion, this is the best option for converting and creating .avif files.

If you are comfortable in the command line, you can use the official AOMedia library, libavif, to encode/decode AVIF files. Also, if you’re a macOS user with Homebrew, you can quickly install a pre-built version using brew install joedrago/repo/avifenc, and avifenc --help for syntax and options.

Learn more about AVIF

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# Oct 20, 2020

Since the format is so new, most servers do not support it yet. To help developers integrate AVIF conversion in their systems, we have launched a free conversion service:

Hope it helps!

# Dec 15, 2020

Thanks for the resource!

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