Grow social presence & backlinks with effective outreach.

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Learn how to grow your online presence, domain authority, and quality backlinks by reaching out to sites — effectively.

Rand Fishkin wrote a great article on how to reach out to sites effectively to grow your social media presence & backlinks using 8 proven tips and 7 outreach tricks.

8 Outreach Tips

  1. Continually do things that earn attention from people who can help you.
  2. Ask for things no one else does.
  3. Don’t try to scale.
  4. Always get a warm intro.
  5. Be able to help in compelling, high-demand ways.
  6. Be unreasonably kind & helpful to everyone.
  7. Do work that attracts both friends and enemies.
  8. (Almost) never start with an email.

7 Outreach Tricks

  1. Mine your inbox & contacts first.
  2. Amplify your target’s work or offer a testimonial.
  3. Start a content series that features guests or highlights the work of others.
  4. Build your own private amplification group.
  5. Acquire and publish data unavailable elsewhere.
  6. Hire outreach specialists who are already good at this stuff.

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