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Western Governors University
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AWS Cloud Architect
The AWS Cloud Architect is a position of technical expertise, influence, and leadership in the technology realm. The position will be required to apply their expert knowledge to ensure best practices and well-engineered architecture across the department. They will also be a key stakeholder and initiator of major changes to processes, engineering practices, and system administration. This position will be required to work in a space of solving critical issues and initiatives across all of Ed Tech. It will require an extensive and deep understanding of cutting-edge practices and innovative approaches to problems. Cloud Architects are also tasked with establishing and maintaining a positive and productive culture based on the WGU Leadership Principles.
Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
-Big picture thinker that can not only design but more importantly implement.
-Strategically approaching customer issues, underrstanding different business requirements and challenges with implementations.
-Participate in new systems architectural reviews from a governance perspective and provide analysis feedback in post deployment critiques.
-Plan and manage hardware platform design such as identifying components, standardized infrastructure components, serviceability and creating system solutions and frameworks.
-Performing analysis of systems and identify problem areas, identify ways of enhancing existing systems, and develop viable solutions.
-Develop and train Engineers on DevOps and CI/CD methodologies and tools for automated infrastructure code test, integration, deployment, and assurance.
-Provide technical support to the educational segment product teams for various activities such as with testing, validation, sustaining, value engineering, and DevOps required for the product we support.
-Publish white papers, how-to articles, training materials and present at our internal summits annually.
-Ensure our systems are built on HA Architecture and provide native Backup/DR support within our defined RTO/RPO requirements.
-Mentor one or more Associate level Engineers within our Platform Services group and motivate them to come up with innovative solutions to the University’s architecture obstacles.
Knowledge, Skill and Abilities:
-Expertise implementing AWS services in a variety of distributed computing environments.
-Experience with highly available and fault-tolerant enterprise and web-scale software deployments desired
-Expertise in Infrastructure automation through DevOps scripting (E.g. shell, Python, Node, Ruby, Powershell)
-Strong practical Linux and Windows-based systems administration skills in a Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google) or Virtualized environment.
-Experience leading cloud operations, including data assurance, monitoring, alerting and notifications.
-BA/BS degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent experience
-5+ years experience in a Cloud Environment
-Experience as a Software Engineer or Developer (Python, Node, or Java)
-3+ Years of combined experience in AWS CodeBuild, CodePipeline, and/or CodeDeploy
-3+ Years of combined experience in the primary AWS services VPC, IAM, EC2, ELB, RDS, Route53 & S3
-3+ Years of experience in Configuration Management using CloudFormation, Ansible, Terraform, Chef & Puppet.
-3+ years of extensive experience using automation tools, such as: Terraform, Ansible, and Cloud Formation.
-3+ years of extensive experience in governance tools like: AWS Config, Inspector, Lambda
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional or Solutions Architect Professional
Preferred Qualifications:
-Expertise in at least one programming language – Python preferred.
-Experience working directly with customers creating cloud infrastructure solutions, leading conversations with key business stakeholders reviewing pros and cons, risks, and best practices.
-Expertise in cloud spend optimizations and serverless technology such as AWS Lambda
-Expertise leading the design, development and deployment of business software at scale or current hands on technology infrastructure, network, compute, storage, and virtualization experience
-Expertise with the standard software development life cycle (SDLC) and Agile/iterative methodologies required
-Expertise with the integration of cloud services with on-premise technologies from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, HP, SAP etc.
-Expertise with compliance & risk management requirements (eg. security, PCI, privacy, SOX, HIPAA etc.)
-JSON and YAML Expertise

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