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f2pool & stakefish
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We are f2pool and stakefish.
Founded in 2013, f2pool is the largest Bitcoin mining pool. Over 1 million $BTC and 6 million $ETH born here. We are also helping secure $LTC, $DOGE, and dozens of other #PoW cryptocurrencies.
stakefish is a non-custodial staking provider. We are a group of digital nomads doing the same thing f2pool is doing but for the #PoS blockchains. We recently launched Eth2 staking services and currently have more than 200k ETH on the beaconchain safely staked with us.
We are looking for #geeks and #nerds to join us for our decentralized future.
Some of the roles we are looking for: Devs, iOS Dev, DevOps, and UX designer.
Open-source gurus and crypto hackers are very much welcome.
We expect you to have extensive experiences with GNU/Linux and have in-depth knowledge in operating systems, networking, algorithms, and data structure.
Please send resume in English to jobs[at]stake[dot]fish.

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