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BoldBrush, Inc.
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BoldBrush is searching for a technically minded, driven, resourceful, detail-oriented manager who can lead our small development team and become our resident expert in improving our development process.  This role is critical in supporting our business strategy by improving our team’s velocity and ability to deliver the innovative products and features on our roadmap.
Why BoldBrush?
At BoldBrush, we believe that art can transform lives and make the world a better place.  That’s why for over 15 years we’ve made it our mission to bring inspiration and innovation to the world’s artists.  We make innovative  technology that is simple to use, beautiful and empowers our customers  to live their artistic dreams.   And we back our technology with the industry’s top rated live support.  Our people are creative, passionate about art and driven to make every interaction remarkable.
What Working at BoldBrush is Like
We focus only on serving artists and our focus gives us a huge advantage because we know our market like nobody else.
Lots of opportunities to learn and grow because we tackle challenging problems, reach for big goals, and move fast.
An amazing and supportive team who will challenge you to do your very best and be there to support you.
A remarkable set of customers that you can feel good about serving who are dedicated to making the world a better place through their art.
A stable and profitable company with two decades of leadership in the visual art space.
A remote, work environment where you can work from anywhere (which is super important these days).
Extremely low turnover rate.  Nearly everyone we’ve ever hired still works at BoldBrush.
An incredibly consistent culture based on our 4 distinguishing beliefs: Build Trust, Obsess over customers, Learn and Improve Daily, and Deliver results and innovation.
A comfortable, relaxed dress code – you must wear something.
To double or greatly increaste the productivity/velocity of our current development team over 1 year, to get our three top strategic projects out the door in year one, and to build out our processes to allow continuous improvement and reliable reporting and forecasting.  You’ll report directly to the CEO, Clint Watson and will often join the leadership team in planning.
Get our three biggest strategic projects built and launched by the end of first year – Print on Demand, Membership Manager, New Control Panel.
Increase our Dev team’s output/velocity by end of first year – Improve workflow management, accountability, processes & distractions to double or greatly improve current team’s output.
Build a reliable process that measures team productivity, accurately manages the workflow, and predicts lead times to management.
Build solid devops monitoring / emergency response process 
Represent development department on leadership team
Build solid recruitment, training and mentoring program
Lead, Manage, and be Accountable for Dev Team Performance. 
Recruitment, training, mentoring of dev team
Customer satisfaction with product
Velocity – Protect, Maintain and Increase
Product quality
Building the product (building right thing, right way, on time, on budget)
Operations and uptime protection. Sla on uptime
Production strategy and implementation
Capacity and throughput forecasting and reporting and improvement
Process development and improvement
Striking the right balance of resources:  UI/UX, Front End, Back End, DevOps
Ability to build trust and work with a customer focus.
Ability and willingness to learn and improve.
Creative, data-driven, detail-oriented, independent, self-motivated, and self-starting contributor.
Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
Experience in leading and growing development teams
An understanding of work-in-process theories and a history of managing and increasing throughput
Proficient across a diverse set of technologies or an expert in at least one technology
Proficient understanding of code versioning tools
Strategic thought leader that holds marketing and business goals at the center of product execution
Ability to code in at least one language and ability to smell BS in technology/coding discussions
Ability to oversee the design of complex components and system
Ability to coordinate schedules and deliverables in a dynamic and fast-paced environment
A deep seated drive to deliver
If leading the development team for a creative, artistic and growing company sounds appealing to you, then let’s have a conversation. (Confidential, of course).
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