Front End Developer with React and Graphic Design Experience.

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We’re an live event company, that in the past 9 months, has made a hard pivot towards virtual events. We’re in the midsts of developing a platform that allows our clients to build their own event website (we call them Dashboards), customize them, and interact with our primary video streaming platform for these style of events (Zoom). Our typical event is 3 days in length, and has 1-3k people in attendance.
The websites that our platform create includes a front-end and a back-end. The front end (attendee facing), is relatively simple, as its a blog with access to certain pieces of information, and links to various zoom meetings, based on ticket levels and other key pieces of information. The back end includes the zoom control area, allowing our clients to manage hundreds of meetings simultaneously, as well as the ability to edit and modify the dashboard as needed.
We’re looking for a developer with a strong foundation and experience with React to support building out the front end user experience. Ideally that person is strong in graphic design as well. We have 450 beta testers enrolled in our public beta launch, scheduled for March 31, 2021, and plan on launching to a wider audience on July 1st, 2021.
In addition to React, the following skills are an asset.
PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML
Laravel Framework
React JS Library
Dynamo DB
MySQL / Aurora DB
High Traffic Website Code Optimization
A strong familiarity with AWS services, and how they interact with each other is also asset.
Position to start immediately.

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