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Cactus Communications
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The opportunity:
Join us and be a part of a start-up cell of a large international company, where you will be working with state-of-the-art technology, make use of NLP and Machine Learning, and where your career can grow exponentially.
You will be part of the Paperpal team powered by CACTUS, where we are rethinking how science is communicated and helping scientists write better science smarter. You will be part of an international working environment, with employees across the EU and Asia, who work together to build cutting-edge web experiences and APIs used globally by scientists.
This is a remote working opportunity.
•Write new functionality in an existing frontend framework, a modern tech stack with React, Node.js, Redux and Typescript, with focus on the Typescript part of the stack
•Working with tools, technologies and plugin architectures that will challenge your abilities to write and work in asynchronous editing scenarios to achieve best-in-class results for users
•Work with advanced Typescript features like generators, iterators, currying, types (intersection, union, etc.), pipeline operators, symbols and others where necessary and meaningful
•Build and release software through Jenkins, onto an AWS microservice architecture using Docker
•Being part of a small team of about 3-4 people, participating in stand ups, and delivering code into this team
•Being part of code reviews of your and other people’s code
Requirements (Desires skills & experience)
•You have at minimum 4 years (including side projects, student jobs, etc. Does not include code written as part of a university degree) experience programming in Typescript
•Some knowledge of UI frameworks like React or Angular is nice to have, but not required
•Some knowledge of state management libraries like Redux, MobX or NgRx is nice to have, but not required
•Some knowledge of integration with the online word processors in Office 365 or Google Docs is nice to have, but not required
•You have knowledge of best practices in frontend development around Typescript, types, asynchronicity and text editing
•You are motivated, curious and independent, with a desire to learn, and be a part of a growing company.
•You are motivated to learn from people with deep industry insights – but also willing to challenge and question decisions, and ask intelligent questions.
About us:
Cactus Communications is a technology company accelerating scientific advancement. We collaborate with researchers, universities, publishers, academic societies, and life science organizations. We offer editorial, translation, education, and training solutions for researchers; strategic and tactical scientific content solutions to global life science organizations; AI-powered scholarly publishing solutions for journals and researchers; and solutions for science dissemination and engagement with peers, public, and policymakers for wider research outreach. We also incubate seed and early-stage startups that share our mission to solve global problems with science and technology solutions.
We have offices in London, Princeton, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Aarhus, and Mumbai; a global workforce of over 3,000 experts; and customers from over 190 countries.

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