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Hoch Digital GmbH is looking for a Frontend Developer to join our Zurich team and support our startup growth. We are looking for a programmer with a keen eye for design for the position of Front End Developer. You will be responsible for ensuring the alignment of web design and user experience requirements, optimizing web pages for maximum efficiency and maintaining brand consistency across all web pages, among other duties.
Hoch Digital GmbH is a web agency located nearby Zurich – Brüttisellen.
Ideally, you are a frontend developer with a few years of experience willing to work in our office. You are able to devise proactive solutions to project-related issues and guide the frontend development for a few projects.
You’re a team player who is ready to work with your team to find solutions.
Your Responsibilities:
· Determining the structure and design of web pages.
· Ensuring user experience determines design choices.
· Developing features to enhance the user experience.
· Striking a balance between functional and aesthetic design.
· Ensuring web design is optimized for smartphones.
· Building reusable code for future use.
· Optimizing web pages for maximum speed and scalability.
· Utilizing a variety of markup languages to write web pages.
· Maintaining brand consistency throughout the design
What’s Required:
· Degree in Computer Science or related field.
· Understanding of key design principles.
· Good PHP and backend development knowledge
· Proficiency with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Angular.
· Understanding of server-side CSS.
· Experience with graphic design applications such as Sketch
· Experience with responsive and adaptive design.
· Understanding of SEO principles.
· Good problem-solving skills.
· Excellent verbal communication skills in English, German or Spanish.
· Good interpersonal skills.
Our Benefits
We know that people do their best work when they’re taken care of. So we make sure to offer great benefits.
· 5 weeks paid vacation
· Flat company structure
· A music studio in our office
· Free coffee
· Super skilled young team of developers and UX designer willing to share know-how
· Flexible working time
· A MacBook Pro
· Free parking
· 24 hours access to the office
Getting Hired
Our hiring process focuses not only on your skills but also on your professional and personal ambitions. We want to get to know you. We put a lot of thought into the interview process in order to get a holistic understanding of you while being mindful of your time.
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