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Hi, my name is Paulina Masson, I am a serial entrepreneur and I enjoy building software companies. The previous company that I built became very successful and was acquired for 7 figures. My background is in software development, but I now focus solely on marketing and business growth.
I am looking for a full stack software developer to build the initial version of the new software I conceptualized.
CreatorBooks will be a business analytics software for Youtubers and Streamers.
We will work with many services content creators use, to pull revenue data via available APIs, such as Amazon Associates, Google Adsense, Twitch API, etc. We will also be reading data from hundreds of affiliate network websites via a browser plugin.
Ideally, you have experience working at a startup or working on complex projects.
You will have a lot of creative power when it comes to architectural decisions, which may be more enjoyable for you, comparing to working at a large company.
If you love to take up new challenges and build something complex and interesting from scratch, let’s work together. I am looking for someone who is reliable and trustworthy.
This is a proper full stack position. You’ll need knowledge of backend, frontend and enough devops to run and maintain the app:
Laravel 8.x
PHP 7.4
JavaScript (ES6)
AWS (EC2, RDS, etc)
I have already chosen this theme to develop the application: https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic/demo1/index.html
No corporate structure, small team – no overhead. Everything you need gets communicated fast and decided on quickly.
Three weeks of paid vacation a year plus paid national holidays (based on your country).
You’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and grow professionally.
Open, relaxed and friendly work environment.
Opportunity to see first hand, how a startup grows from MVP to a 7 figure business, and learn from that experience.
Salary Range: $4,500 – $5,500 USD a month, with yearly salary increases.

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