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Job Title: Full Stack Developer
Location: Remote [GMT+2 to GMT-5 zone preferred]
Reports to (Job title): VP Engineering
About Amun:
Amun is a leading cryptocurrency issuer which aims to make purchasing crypto more accessible, and efficient.
Under its 21Shares brand, Amun is the world’s largest issuer of crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs). The 21Shares suite of ETPs has simplified access to crypto for both institutional and retail investors in the traditional finance community. In a similar fashion, Amun aims to provide tokens that will make it easy for the crypto community to access sophisticated strategies that are not otherwise readily available in this space. Amun is a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and financial product developers who are uniquely placed to revolutionize cryptocurrency investing through the issuance of our broad range of tokens. Our goal is to make these tokens present a new paradigm in cryptocurrency investing and to facilitate their use.
Our Stack:
● AWS infrastructure
● Postgresql
● Node backend (Typescript, feathersjs)
● Vue (Nuxt) frontend
● Python and Rust in the mix as well
Job Summary:
We are looking for a talented Software Engineer with > 5 years of experience in software development. You will be responsible for developing, testing, and maintaining code across our mission-critical products.
Key Accountabilities and Scope:
● Design, develop, and operate technical architecture and systems.
● Communicate regularly and clearly with other team members and also with other ecosystem participants.
● Create high quality software documentation and other written assets to document and explain the system design and how the system functions.
● Identify opportunities to improve existing systems/workflows for performance, speed, and accuracy.
● Work with engineers, designers, and leadership to turn our product and technical vision into deliverables each quarter.
Skills Required:
● You care about building high-quality well-tested code, at scale
● Minimum 5 years of working experience as a full-stack software engineer
● Experience with at least one strongly typed language and one duck typed language
● Good familiarity with CSS and capable of producing responsive web applications.
● Familiar with the OSI model, especially regarding HTTP and websockets
● You enjoy being a part of a feedback culture with shared code ownership and want to make a difference worldwide
● The ability to work hands on as a software engineer in an agile environment with a modern tech stack
● Degree in Engineering or Computer Science (M.sc. preferred)
● You’ve designed, built, scaled and maintained production services, and know how to compose a service oriented architecture.
● You’ve built high reliability or security systems, and understand the importance of code robustness and quality in financial domain
● Understanding Blockchain, or at least very curious about Blockchain and willing to learn and keep at the forefront of cryptocurrency continually

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