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Job Description: Full Stack Engineer
North American Applicants Only

SocialVenu enables brands to incentivize their customers to become micro-influencers, driving brand awareness & sales through social word-of-mouth (eWOM) marketing.
We provide micro-influencers with tools to showcase the things they love, share that love on Social media and in return they are rewarded.
We provide our clients the tools to manage, track and reward these micro-influencers.
This channel can be the most powerful marketing method, rivaling the current social marketing spend of $110B annually.
Importantly we also possess camera technology used to capture live event experiences, deepening the engagement delivered to brands and consumers.
We’re a group of highly ambitious and equally open-minded, proven professionals.
We are looking to bring on innovative, creative and passionate individuals who want to disrupt the traditional Social Media marketing machine. Our markets include Sports, Entertainment, Athletes, Brands and Non-Profits.
Based in Emeryville, California with a globally dispersed team. All team members are currently working remotely.
To see more visit: www.socialvenu.com

About Team

CEO is successful entrepreneur. Previously the Co-founder of Demandforce, Inc.
Board Members include: Drew Brees, David West, George Killebrew, Cameron Scholvin, and Chris Gallagher

Front-End Developer

Based on experience
Attractive equity and benefits package


As one of 4 core engineers you will build the core product with support from our Fullstack & Backend engineers, Designer & Head of Product
Able to quickly iterate & test various concepts
User & customer focused to understand and contribute towards features & solutions

Experience/Our Stack:

Previously built complex web applications (ideally viewable)

Experience in:

Webapp development
Email & other user prompts
Dashboards & reporting
Image & Video processing
E-commerce & redemption codes
Membership profiles, gamification & rewards

Tech stack & languages:

Html, CSS, JavaScript (NodeJS), TypeScript, Kotlin, (Python as a plus)
Spring Boot



External tools:

AWS (EC2 instances and Lambda functions)

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