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Full-Stack Engineer
Based in Los Angeles, 3DEO’s breakthrough Intelligent Layering® technology unlocks high-volume metal 3D printing by drastically reducing final part cost. Despite the low cost, our parts meet the high industry benchmark MPIF Standard 35 while still achieving tight tolerances and an industry leading surface finish. Intelligent Layering® opens metal 3D printing to most of the industries that can’t afford today’s expensive options.
3DEO recently reached a huge industry milestone – 150,000 metal 3D printed production components sent to customers! The company is focused on the industries of aerospace, medical, and defense. 3DEO currently has over 60 employees and is upgrading to a 60,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Los Angeles.
Reporting to: Chief Technology Officer
The Position
We are looking for a passionate, motivated and innovative individual that’s looking to make an impact in a highly-skilled, core technology team through strong software engineering talent. Our current intelligence core includes Additive Manufacturing Research Scientists, Mechanical Engineers, a Materials Scientist, Software Developers and an Electrical Engineer. As a key member of our intelligence core, you will help develop and operate a new wave of high-quality part manufacturing capabilities in metal AM. This is a full-time position.
The Full-Stack Engineer will be a software engineer supporting our expanding automation efforts and data collection initiatives. The successful applicant will be an expert in Python and web frameworks such as Django. They will also have experience with well-known front-end frameworks including React and Bootstrap.
Specifically, the Full-Stack Engineer will:

Design, implement, test and deploy software for internal use.
Be the primary owner of the codebase and our application stack, from frontend to database.
Set up an agile development pipeline using the principles of continuous integration and the Twelve Factor App Methodology
Ensure the entire stack is designed and built for speed and scalability.
Design user interfaces with frameworks such as Bootstrap and integrate interfaces with our MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software.
Write clear, documented and maintainable code
Work with manufacturing and operations teams to develop new software projects and processes
Communicate with internal customers & collect user feedback

Qualifications & Experience
An undergraduate software engineering degree is required and a master’s or PhD are a plus. The Full-Stack Engineer should have at least five years of experience, including:

Previous experience in a full-stack engineering role
Absolute Python expert – over five years of experience and very deep in multiple frameworks including Django
Significant experience with database technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MongoDB.
Proficiency with fundamental front-end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Familiarity with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React and Ember.
Passion for conquering challenging problems
Creativity and analytical skills
Ability to communicate technical knowledge in a clear and understandable manner

Personal Characteristics
Achievement Orientation – High energy, results-driven, determined, and flexible, with a strong and disciplined work ethic. Sets a quick pace, and constantly raises the bar and presses themselves toward higher levels of achievement while at the same time fostering a collaborative culture.
Persistence – Tenacious in the pursuit of excellence. Is not easily swayed by short-term swings in fortune and maintains strong vision on long-term goals. Understands that success comes from effectively executing a plan on a consistent basis and with high intensity, despite any obstacles or challenges.
Communication Skills – Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to effectively deliver and reinforce consistent messages. Leverages these capabilities to interact with, and persuade, potential customers. Excellent listening skills.
Team Player – Has the ability to work effectively with all people within the organization to ensure customers’ needs are being met or exceeded. Has a collegial, inclusive working style and is professional and courteous. Builds strong relationships both internally and externally.

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