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Flown Ltd
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Applicants must be resident in the UK or EU, and be able to be online 10am – 3pm UK time. To apply, send a CV to techtalent@flown.com.
FLOWN is an early-stage tech startup and this role offers the opportunity to start right at the beginning of building a new tech stack. You’ll be contributing to the design and development of the product, and steering the direction we take in the future.
We are developing tools, and providing access to spaces, that help our customers get into states of deep work and think more creatively and productively. Over the next few months we’ll be building: our marketing website, a property catalogue, a booking engine and payments solution, a content portal along with games and tools to support our members in embracing deep work principles.
We then have ambitious plans for the future once we’re finished with those!
Above all, we’re looking for someone with the experience and confidence to take charge of projects and deliver them with minimal oversight.
When you’re given a project you’ll need to figure out the requirements by asking the right questions of the ops and product teams, list the possible technical designs, discuss the pros and cons of each with other developers, build a finished product, and own it in production.
In terms of technical experience, you must have built multiple applications as the sole or lead developer, using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You must also either have experience with React and TypeScript, or with multiple other UI frameworks and typed languages.
Bonus points for experience with:

Data model design for NoSQL databases.
Serverless architecture (especially function-as-a-service and event-driven architectures).
Responsibility for deployments, monitoring and backups of production services.
API design.
Working on personal projects or open source contributions – we love to see developers’ side projects – even if they’re not related to what we’re building.

We want to practice what we preach, and build a company and team that works creatively and productively. Here are some of the benefits you’ll gain from this role:

Scope and influence – you’re joining the founding team, where our developers are integrated into the business. You’ll participate in the early analysis and design process, understand the business problems we’re trying to solve, and get the chance to propose ingenious designs that minimise the amount of work we have to do.
A focus on deep work – we exist to support deep work among our members, so we support our staff in developing their own distraction-free deep work practice.
A strong team – you’ll work closely with a proven CEO & Founder, and a highly experienced team. We have a high-calibre of investors with a good amount of runway.
Work/life balance – our standard full-time week is 32 hours, and (within reason) you can decide how to structure those hours across the week.
Fully dispersed – we are a remote-first company, and we’ve got lots of perks, tools and processes to make sure that works for everyone. We also allocate budgets to ensure that you can work comfortably and/or get together with other team members when you need to.
Team offsites and regular fun – we get together each quarter (ideally somewhere sunny) to collaborate and have fun. We also embed virtual activities and other surprises into our working days.

Even before COVID, working in open-plan offices full of distractions was not the best environment for producing our best work. Studies show that our best productivity and creativity comes when you get a chance to do ‘deep work’ – uninterrupted focused time working on something significant. Post-COVID, the need for places to work ergonomically away from your office – either as an individual or as a team – is even greater. FLOWN is the first global brand seeking to provide the ideal physical and mental spaces for us to think and work more creatively and productively.
FLOWN will offer a marketplace of spaces suitable for individuals or teams to get away from their day-to-day to concentrate, contemplate or collaborate. We’ll offer not only physical spaces – think Airbnb for Work – but mental spaces through our app and online services. Available to individuals and companies as a subscription, to be offered as an accompaniment or replacement to traditional office rental.
FLOWN is led by successful serial entrepreneur, Alicia Navarro, founder of Skimlinks (acquired by Connexity April 2020), and backed well-known entrepreneurs and angels such as Greg Marsh (OneFineStay), Taavet Hinrikus (Transferwise), Tom Allason (Shutl). FLOWN is seeking to create social impact by democratisating access to the kind of spaces that can best unleash our human potential, so we can not only solve real global problems but also live more meaningful lives.

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