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Stealth (Google sheets competitor)
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We’re building a Google Sheets replacement. This is the next generation spreadsheet – with (i) more power than Excel, (ii) better collaboration than Google Sheets, (iii) great experience on both web, desktop, and mobile, (iv) as well as several additional powers that users will be excited about. This will be a very engineering-heavy and design-heavy product. Not just another CRUD app.
The Frontend Engineer/Web Developer role will help lead the frontend team. You have to care about beautiful and fast frontend products as this is the cornerstone for this project. Example of an interesting frontend challenge: implementing a snappy grid-based rendering of information that can scale to fluidly displaying and manipulating thousands of data points – text labels, numbers, charts e.t.c.
Tech Stack

TypeScript (JavaScript)
Interaction with computation-heavy code written in Rust through WebAssembly (Frontend engineers themselves don’t need to know Rust, but are of course welcome to learn/contribute to that part of the code base if they want)
Interaction with backend via WebSockets
React for all of the UI except for the grid rendering – up to the frontend team to decide whether to use it or not.


5+ years experience working on projects with a complex frontend. Even better if the frontend involved allowing users to manipulate rich content on the web page (e.g. edit documents, draw/manipulate images/animations)
Strong knowledge of JavaScript (and/or TypeScript)
Desire for and experience of crafting beautiful frontend experiences
Experience with WebAssembly is not necessary and is not required, but can act as one of many indicators that the person has worked on some interesting frontend challenges.

More details and current team composition can be discussed when we find a time to chat. Team is currently ex Uber, ex Google, ex Netflix. Company has already secured seed round fundraising.
This is a full-time role that can be remote worldwide.

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