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Overview is a groundbreaking hosting and development tool for web applications of all types. Backed up European venture capital, the company has grown into a competitive player in the cloud hosting industry, with clients ranging from the small developer to major web agencies and blue-chip enterprises running significant infrastructure deployments or fleets of hundreds of sites. Our technology stack — the one we’d like to hire you to help build — makes this experience as seamless and full-featured as possible for every client.
We are expanding the engineering team that builds this tool into a self-service product across that entire range of clients. This means software components that do everything from furnish the end-user experience in the web browser or on the command line, to backend components that drive other portions of the product.
You should be a proficient software engineer with at least one of the following languages:
You should also be proficient in the domain of web application development, with domain knowledge that broadly addresses at least some of the following areas:
Git-based workflows and software projects across multiple repositories and codebases
User authentication and authorization flows between online web applications
E-commerce workflows, recurring billing operations, reporting, etc.
Multi-service or cross-application interaction and design
Implementation of web applications according to open standards (i.e. RFCs et al.)
Job Description
We do lots of everything here: from client libraries and the command-line interaction layer, to web applications that drive the end-user interface for the product, billing & reporting, user authentication & authorization, interaction with vendors or partners, and the occasional piece of staff tooling that interacts with that software.
With that in mind, we’re looking for engineers to help us build any and all of these pieces! We have serious web applications written in Go, PHP, Python, and JavaScript, all of which are critical to some part of our interaction layer for users. Taken together, they form a key piece of our cloud hosting and devops tooling product — if you’re especially interested in the devops and cloud solutions space, then we’re especially interested in you. Being comfortable tackling programming problems from the architecture level all the way down to proper code implementation is also important to us — though we are growing fast, the team is still small, the to-do list long, and engineers generally have a great deal of autonomy to implement features and drive the product forward. Your contribution matters.
You should be a proficient software engineer with at least one of these languages and be experienced with the domain of web application development. We’ve listed other qualifications or experience that make for great candidates; many of these relate only to a subset of the listed languages and they are provided as examples rather than any sort of exhaustive list.
It would be great if you:
Have broad familiarity with the cloud hosting and “DevOps” domain and knowledge of the experience and requirements of e.g. our customer base
Know how to evaluate open web standards and use those to guide API decisions & application implementation
Have experience making multiple web applications “play nicely” together and function together as an integrated product
Have experience with user authentication & authorization flows as well as the other security & compliance requirements endemic to software accessible over the Internet
Have experience working with custom Drupal code
Understand or are familiar with the domain of recurring payments, e-commerce, etc.
Have experience with the React framework
Are familiar with front-end data visualization, libraries like D3.js, etc.
Have worked on front-end accessibility development, e.g. WCAG requirements or related standards
About Us is a global, distributed company, with over 200 staff members located in 33 countries throughout the world. Although our home base is in Paris, France, somewhere between 90 and 100% of our work happens outside the confines of the office — every position is entirely remote/work-from-home, something we now have over a decade of experience in making work well.
Typical work communication happens either via text chat media (i.e. Slack) or on voice/video calls for synchronous planning or sprint sessions. In keeping with our remote-first orientation, we generally take a flexible approach towards working hours and meeting the needs of staff who have children, are managing the schedules of multiple family members at home, and so on. All of this has made a great place to work, and we are proud of an extraordinary retention rate throughout the company’s entire history.
The product we make is an advanced tool for cloud hosting and software engineering & development of web applications. Our goal is to be able to take the codebase of a working application — the customer’s web site code — and turn it into a running copy of that codebase with the appropriate infrastructure in a matter of minutes. This means that our product is responsible for the entire lifecycle of the customer’s application — from being able to quickly spin up new environments for development, CI, and testing, to running a stable production codebase that matches exactly what the developers were testing with.

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