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Premiere Digital
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At Premiere, we are working with a large dataset to build software solutions for order tracking, global pricing management, targeted marketing, and sales analytics.
We’re looking for a web developer experienced with Python and interested in learning new technologies to join our team. You’ll work with our remote team to build great products that delight the people using them.
Who you are…

You’re a critical thinker. You’re able to be highly effective with very few directions.
You have excellent communication skills and the ability to convey your ideas clearly and concisely.
You are super smart and have either a degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience.
You have the space, equipment, bandwidth, and personal commitment required to be highly productive while working from home.

You’re great at…

Collaborating with engineers and product managers to build web app components
Applying appropriate software design patterns for a given problem
Reading and understanding code whether you or someone else wrote it
Delivering quality code using Python for backend applications (Flask/Django)
Working with both relational and NoSQL databases (MySQL/Postgres/Cassandra/Elasticsearch/Redis)
JavaScript and UI development (jQuery/Bootstrap)
Maintaining automated tests and ensuring quality in your code
Using Git to manage multiple branches and fix merge conflicts

Bonus points if you have open source contributions or personal projects you’ve shipped successfully.

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