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A&E International Ltd
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About us
A&E International Ltd is an international online education organization. Our headquarters is located in Auckland, New Zealand with a branch in Ningbo, China. Our mission is to make global and high-quality education more convenient and shareable. We are making unremitting efforts towards our vision of “becoming an infrastructure provider that carries K12 international course content and supporting service operations.”
We are building a business model of S2B2C (Service Platform to Business to Customer). We hope this model will empower schools to better serve students and parents. We hope to reorganize the resource supply chain for future education through the dual engine of data intelligence and network collaboration, break the visible and invisible walls of schools, and achieve real-time access to global educational resources.
We are looking for future partners:
In order to better fulfil the company’s rapid development needs, we recruit prospective partners in some core positions:

Strong Entrepreneurship
Strong Learning Ability
An Open Cooperative Mindset

Job title:
Python Senior Back-end Engineer
Remote home office
Type of working:
Part-time or Full-time

Main job responsibilities:
(Including but not limited to the following items, other responsibilities will be supplemented according to the company’s needs and personal interests)

Deeply understand the business needs of customers, complete the entire design of back-end work;
Participate in the writing and maintenance of key back-end codes;
Lead the team to overcome technical problems and share relevant technical aspects in real time.

Job requirements:

Proficient in Python;
Proficient in back-end development frameworks commonly used in Python;
Familiar with at least one commonly used front-end framework;
3 years plus experience in back-end development;
Bachelor degree or above in a computer science related major.
Unconventional thinking, clear logic, strong self-study ability;

Priority will be given if you have at least one of the following skills:

Structuring and developing ability in distributed storage;
Familiar with the basic concepts and tools of machine learning;
Development experience in big data;
Experience in data warehouse construction and development.
Have experience in leading core projects, stage 0-1;
Be a 10x developer.

Conditional on the candidate achieving outstanding performance, the company will provide the candidate with a 2-year New Zealand work visa and skilled migrant opportunity (permanent immigration) for the candidate to continue a life overseas.
Interview process:
First round will be a phone interview by the HR department of the company in New Zealand. Second round will be a phone interview by the technical staff from the company in China.
To apply, please send your resume to:
Website: (New Zeanald)

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