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Vertex Talent Group
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Vertex Talent Group is working with a Fortune 20 organization in its search for a full-time Senior Back-End Software Engineer.
Our client is looking for an individual to join a concentrated effort focused on creating a next-generation, cloud-based back end services layer. This project has a small, but high-functioning team and is looking for top-notch Java developers not afraid to “roll up their sleeves” and solve large, complex, and challenging problems.
Given the nature of the project, the successful candidate will be self-motivated and self-directed. While the main office is in San Francisco, the team meets frequently in the south bay to design, plan, and coordinate, and then works independently for the remainder of the week to maximiz productivity.
This project uses a custom framework and does not use Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, or standard web containers. This is a solid opportunity to focus on core Java and system fundamentals.
Minimum Requirements:
Minimum of 4+ years of strong Java fundamentals with the ability to discuss usage, performance, and considerations in the areas of:
Language syntax and constructs (have opinions on what makes good and sound code)
Collections framework (when do you use a TreeMap versus HashMap)
Multi-threading, locking, and concurrency (how to handle shared resources)
Critical/Key Skills:
Exposure or experience in the following areas:
Bit manipulation and binary protocols (can you encode a string?)
TCP networking (could you communicate over a TCP socket?)
HTTP/1.1 protocol (have you seen the RFC?)
Structured and non-structured data storage and transport (JSON versus Protobuf)
Healthcare domain knowledge
Familiarity with FHIR and HL7 standards
Additional Key Skills:
Ability to read, write, and optimize SQL
Solid communication skills (stay aligned)
Excitement for challenging work (jump in and stay motivated)
Ability to self-manage (this is a small team)
Four-year college degree in a technical field, or equivalent knowledge. Self-taught and directed developers are great.

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