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Per Angusta
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About Per Angusta
We are developing two SaaS solutions, one dedicated to Procurement Performance Management and the other intended to support procurement strategies for large and international companies. The solution already has 11,000 users in more than 100 countries.
Our team is composed of 22 people based in France, USA, UK, and Germany. Working remotely is not a problem at Per Angusta.
Our company is constantly taking on new challenges and our latest fund-raising efforts have allowed us to accelerate our international growth, achieve our ambitious objectives, and maintain the satisfaction of our users.
We plan to double our workforce this year! We need builders and seniors’ profiles.
Job Description
Our technical team
We are an enthusiastic team with 10 passionate engineers, composed of one Product Owner, one Front-end / UX, six full- stack developers, and two back-end developers. We plan to double that number.
Our technical challenges are:
We are currently undergoing in a certification process which has an impact on technical requirements, such as structure and security protocols. 

International growth impacts our daily work and sales approach as we work to accommodate global needs and standards.

We have a fast-growing team with the need to constantly develop and upgrade our skills, and be flexible to meet new and varying challenges. 

Find more information on our approaches, methods and technical stack :
Your mission
The Lead ROR Developer reports directly to the CTO and has a high level of autonomy. You are the driving force behind developments and technical choices.
You share skills and knowledge with other developers, lead them to engage in thoughtful action, and review their code using best practices and pedagogy. You continue to develop our best practices, documentation, tools, and provide an encouraging environment to support our juniors to progress and become our future seniors.
You should be able to find vulnerabilities in code you don’t own and able to make effective decisions about managing technical debt when relevant.
A Lead ROR Developer makes sure the test suite is green and its coverage is maintained, all while deploying daily in all environments from staging to production.
You are responsible for individual efficiency. You should feel comfortable with fast developments, such as proofs of concept, but also support the development of final products to quickly create value and support the efforts of sales
You will work hand in hand with our PO to develop new features, new projects and enforce our project management tools and methods.
Preferred Experience
Your skills
Lead ROR Developers will share our four4 values:

Be bold in technical solutions and innovation., 

Be passionate about our company and the work we do., 

Be an authentic contributor. 

Be a team player.

We don’t focus on educational background., We are seeking enthusiastic people with technical savvy and a creative approach solving problems.
This position requires strong experience in Ruby on Rails development with specific application in a SaaS software company.
The following describes a lead ROR Developer:

Programing a high quality of code is important to you. 

You are involved in the Ruby on Rails community. 

You like sharing knowledge and are actively working to expand your knowledge every day. 

You enjoy writing public blog posts with the support of the tech team to demonstrate your commitment, expertise, and to share your experiences. 

Some of our developers also teach in schools or speak at conferences to share what they have learned. We encourage all team members to do the same.
*Life is made of opportunity *
Do you feel like your profile doesn’t match this description, but you suspect we could make things great together? Send us an application anyway!
Our interview process

First Call with talent acquisition to precise your wishes, RH stuff and have a short team presentation
First interview with member of the technical team to learn about the team and discover if we align in our expectations of work and company culture.
Second interview with our Head of Technology to discuss technical constraints in further detail, the vision of our company, and your role on the team.
Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with our CEO, Pierre Lapree, and talk about Per Angusta’s global strategy.
This process can potentially be done quickly, within 1-2 weeks, depending on availability. We are efficient when possible, but we don’t rush. Every proposal is thoughtful!

Additional Information
Contract Type: Full-Time
Start Date: 02 May 2021
Location: Villeurbanne, France (69100)
Experience: > 5 years
Possible full remote

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