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This Dot Labs
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We’re a team of world class web developers.
We’re inclusive.
We’re never bored.
And we want to modernize the web with you.
What do we do?
This Dot Labs proudly partners with enterprises interested in transforming their digital assets, upskilling their teams, and finding advanced solutions to development problems.
Who are we?
This Dot is passionate about building an inclusive culture and we’re a proudly woman-owned and minority-owned business.
Our team is made up of a diverse set of incredible engineers, marketing and sales associates, architects and mentors!
What would you do?
You’ll be directly impacting the customer experience through the design and implementation of new features, as well as spending time on This Dot Media projects that help to contribute to a more inclusive web.
Why us?
Our mentors and team members are contributors to some of the top open-source frameworks and libraries such as React, Angular, Polymer, RxJS, VueJS, Ember, Preact, React Native, NativeScript, Ionic, and TypeScript.
Our expert architects have worked at some of the top companies like Google and Netflix. You’ll collaborate with other developers to write the best code for the project and deliver amazing results that our users love.
Our clients have included Google, PlayStation, Amway, Capital One, Deloitte, Nodejs, just to name a few!
A detailed list of day-to-day responsibilities

Identify project requirements directly with clients, providing guidance and timeline estimates.
Build and maintain quality applications for clients, using the appropriate technologies.
Strive for performant and maintainable code.
Collaborate closely with clients and co-workers in different timezones, maintaining communication and clear expectations.
Mentor, teach, and pair with other developers both internally and our clients remotely using video technologies like Slack Calls and Google Hangouts.
Spend a percentage of your time on This Dot Media projects such as hosting podcasts, YouTube shows, and writing blogs.
Make open source contributions and lobbying as needed for our clients.

Must Have:

Proven track record of delivering lightweight, performant applications with little guidance.
Experience in modern JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue.
Proficient computer science fundamentals.
Independent and efficient time management.
Exceptional communication skills, open to giving and receiving feedback.

Nice to Haves:

Experience in RxJS, Node.js, Redux, React Native, and other UI libraries like Angular, Ember, Vue, etc.
Passion for learning new technologies, with a strong mindfulness of the pitfalls of early adoption.
Previous experience working remotely.


Working with a stellar team focused on advancing the web forward
US Employees (Only): Paid time off, company holidays, great health, dental, and vision insurance plans available, monthly business expense reimbursement

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