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In the role of Software Developer, you’ll help create and build beautiful software that matters using modern JavaScript and software development best practices (Agile, TDD, Continuous Delivery). At, you’ll be joining a diverse community of people who are passionate about modern JavaScript and its ability to change the world. You’ll get to work on a wide range of projects, using the latest JS frameworks and Cloud-Native solutions building for the web & mobile, working with a tight-knit team of talented and passionate individuals.
We have built a strong community that supports and encourages learning and continuous improvement. We’re highly active in the tech community: in Toronto and globally.
Your Impact
Opportunity to work on various high profile clients across industries touching on various JavaScript frameworks within close-knit Agile teams
Be a pivotal part of Rangle’s team in Toronto and helping define the technical landscape within our teams
Play a huge part in the success of We’re helping shape the Tech scene in Toronto and modern web and mobile development across the world
You’ll be a part of a small impactful team – because we use agile/scrum, you’ll be personally involved in decisions on how we’ll build out our products for our clients.
How We Work
You’ll join a tightly-knit team consisting of JS Developers, Designers, Business Quality Analysts and Scrum Masters, who collaborate to build web and mobile apps (React Native, Ionic, Progressive Web Applications) for our clients. Most projects are new and won’t require you to deal with a lot of legacy code.
We work with modern software development across a range of frameworks and technologies: Angular, React, NodeJS, TypeScript, ES6, Babel, Redux, GraphQL. (You don’t need to be proficient with all of those things to start).
Our approach to making software stresses teamwork and close interaction with our clients. We rely on a well thought-out process based on Scrum, continuous delivery, and test-driven development. This process allows us to build software in a way that sets you up for success, allowing you to exercise your creativity and building software that matters without all the red tape, hierarchy and politics.
We work for many clients in an exciting range of industries: social media, e-commerce, manufacturing, transportation, alternative energy, wellness. Any company that we feel helps make the world a better place.
What You’ll Bring To The Team
Team-centric cross-functional mindset
Recognition that software development is first and foremost a human, team-based practice
Solid understanding of JavaScript.
5+ years experience in web application development, bonus points if you have experience working directly with clients or a product owner.
Bonus points if you have server side experience. Growth mindset and learning oriented. We are always looking at ways we can do things better, sometimes there is no path to follow.
Proactive and self starter – we hire folks that have a deep desire to do better and be better, you won’t be micromanaged in this role. (We want to hear your voice.)
Experience working with Design Systems or mature component libraries.

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