Top-Notch Senior Full-Stack Developer (Electron.js & node.js)

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We are expanding our amazing team and looking for a top-notch 5yr+ Full Stack Developer to join our team on a remote basis.
We are building the very first text editor powering fully digitized documents in a dedicated project environment bringing structure to unorganized content to harness the power of hidden insight.
You should be comfortable around both backend and frontend languages and frameworks as you will have the opportunity to work through our entire stack, from the backend API to the web and desktop App.

Strong knowledge of JavaScript web frameworks such as node.js, react.js, vue.js, electron.js, chromium, etc. (ideally electron & chromium)
Strong knowledge of frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS and LESS
Good knowledge of database management such as MySQL and Postgres
Knowledge of REST API concepts
Proficient understanding of Git
Passion for writing clean code, making use of coding standards and design patterns

You will stand out if you have:

Experience working on Add-Ons for VSCode or
Experience working with ReactJS and/or React Native
Experience working with richly formatted text (.docx, .xlsx, etc.)
Comfortable writing unit tests
Familiarity with Docker
Familiarity with AWS

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