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Porpoise Plumbing is a DFW company handling a wide range of plumbing needs. Services included branding, design, development, hosting, content & SEO consultation for their site, porpoiseplumbing.com.


The primary branding goal for Porpoise Plumbing was to create a simple, easily recognizable design and color scheme. This included incorporating a porpoise and graphic that customers would see and instantly understand the type of services Porpoise Plumbing offered.

Porpoise Plumbing Logos

Primary colors.

#0C65ED rgb(12, 101, 237)
#DD1515 rgb(221, 21, 21)
#262626 rgb(38, 38, 38)
#EFF1F4 rgb(239, 241, 244)


Porpoise Plumbing needed a simple, lead generating site that could be easily updated without any technical knowledge. The primary goals were:

  1. Serve as a brochure site to inform new and existing customers of the services they offer.
  2. Ability to rapidly create lead generation pages with simple and multi-step forms.
  3. Have a scalable framework so the site could easily grow with the business needs.

Based on these requirements, the obvious choice was to set up a WordPress site with the Elementor page builder plugin allowing site admins to easily manage, create, and scale the site as needed. This would give them the ability to quickly adapt as the business needs evolve.

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