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Track & store where users come from for enhanced reporting in Google Analytics, on-site statistics, conversion tracking & more. Referrer Analytics allows you to make qualified decisions based on facts & figures, not conjecture.

Get analytics from site referrers, insights into types of referring traffic, automated GA campaign URLs and developer tools to send data to 3rd-party applications for conversation tracking.

On-site Reporting & Statistics

Referrer Analytics is a powerful tool allowing site admins to get valuable insights into referring traffic. View on-site reporting and statistics in the admin dashboard with interactive visual graphs and detailed logging including:

  • Date & time users were referred
  • IP addresses of referred users with quick links for geolocation information
  • Ability to track authenticated users that come from a referrer
  • The type of referring traffic: organic, bots, backlinks, etc.
  • Referring hostnames with human-readable versions such as Google (United Kingdom)
  • Referred destination URLs & top landing pages from referrers
  • Toplists of referrers, types of referrers and popular landing pages
  • Helpful recommendations to block known malicious referrers

Automated Google Analytics Integration

Referrer Analytics also allows you to automatically track Google Analytics campaign data via automated URLs from referring sources — no need to manually generate campaign URLs!

Here’s how it works:

  1. A user comes to your site from a referring URL like Google or WordPress
  2. Referrer Analytics automatically retrieves the referrers information from a list of known referrers and your own defined ones
  3. The user will be smartly redirected to their destination with GA campaign data automatically appended to the URL (i.e. utm_sourceutm_medium and utm_campaign)

You can also customize what values are used in the UTM parameters using defined referrers that are setup in the admin dashboard.

In addition, when plugin cookies are enabled, the user’s last known UTM values will be stored in a cookie that can be accessed by 3rd-party applications like Pardot for advanced conversion tracking.

Built for WordPress Developers

Referrer Analytics was built with WordPress developers in mind. Several useful helper functions are included allowing you to easily integrate with 3rd-party applications, implement advanced A/B testing, create referrer specific content & more.

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