umami: Simple, light-weight, self-hosted analytics solution.

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Not everyone needs all the features Google Analytics provides and having it installed on your site can result in lower performance scores. Just need some basic site analytics? Give umami a try — a light-weight alternative.

  • Simple analytics
    Umami measures just the important metrics that you care about: pageviews, devices used, and where your visitors are coming from. Everything is displayed on a single, easy to browse page.
  • Unlimited websites
    Umami is able to track an unlimited number of websites from a single installation. You can even track subdomains and individual URLs.
  • Bypass ad-blockers
    Umami is hosted by you under your own domain so you can reliably avoid ad-blockers, unlike Google Analytics.
  • Light-weight
    The tracking script is tiny (less than 6kb) and supports legacy browsers like IE.
  • Multiple accounts
    Umami can be used to host data for friends or clients. Just create a separate account and they can start tracking their own websites on their own dashboard.
  • Share data
    If you want to share your stats publicly, you can do so with a uniquely generated URL.
  • Mobile-friendly
    The Umami interface has been optimized for mobile so you can view your stats from anywhere.
  • Data ownership
    Since Umami is self-hosted you own all the data. No need to hand your data to a third party to be exploited.
  • Privacy-focused
    Umami does not collect any personally identifiable information and anonymizes all data collected.
  • Open-source
    Umami is open-source and licensed under the MIT license. The source code is available onΒ Github.

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