United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

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United Way of Metropolitan Dallas that helps create opportunities for North Texans, fosters social innovation, mobilizes volunteers, drives business participation, and lawmakers to act for the common good.

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas


United Way of Metropolitan Dallas reached out to me after running into limitations with their current WordPress theme built by another agency. While the design was simple and effective, the site management experience for the content building was limited and lacked the ability to scale.


  • Hosted on WP Engine
  • WordPress content management system (CMS)
  • Advanced custom Gutenberg editor blocks
  • Completely custom-built WordPress theme


  • Content builders were restrained by the initial specific requirements of the project.
  • Site management constrained the ability to create new page structures and design components.
  • The ability to scale was impossible without additional custom development by developers.
  • Google PageSpeed scores for mobile were very poor & degraded the user’s site experience.


The goal of the project was to give content creators the ability to rapidly scale and fully manage the website without limitations or need for custom development. This involved building a new theme using a proven recipe that included:

  • an established base theme,
  • a custom child theme,
  • performance-based and flexible page builder,
  • and an optimized asset build system with an enforced standards-driven approach.


This project is currently in progress. Expected re-launch set for late Oct. 2020.

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